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Body-Weight Beast is a collection of explosive, total body movements designed to add muscle, annihilate calories, slash stored unwanted fat and make you great at moving your body better no matter what you’re doing! These 8 bodyweight workouts are suitable for all level athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Workout 1: Primal – Wake up that inner beast of yours by rejuvenating your body and recharging your mind with Primal stretching flow workout that allows you to stretch your muscles, exercise your lungs and get your blood flowing throughout your body creating a deep sense of control, balance and wellness. This is a body/mind connect routine that toughens you up on every level preparing you for any environment.

Workout 2: Total Body Blitz – Total Body Blitz is a full-on, fast-paced, High Intensity Interval Training Workout that loads the body's major muscle groups quickly, raises body temperature and pushes your body's performance to the max. This is an all-out workout so you'll get into the sweat zone pretty much from the first set. The pressure is high but the reward is great so be quick to move and ready to work.

Workout 3: Total Body Burn – This workout is for those who like it hot and are not afraid to do an extra repetition for that extra burn. If you want sweat and if you want fire this Total Body Burn workout will give you both. It will make your muscles burn hotter and it will get you into the sweat zone faster than you expect. If you feel the burn, you are on the right track.

Workout 4: Total Body Blast – If you only have a few minutes to churn and burn and want a workout that will push your pulse through the roof, make you sweat and increase your body's burn rate then the Total Body Blast is the workout for you. This High Intensity Interval Training workout is rocket-fuel to your muscles which is why you'll blast off with this workout to help you reach new performance levels. 

Workout 5: Beast Mode – Any workout that requires you to push your muscles to their failure point is intense, but when that workout is also a Level 10 full-body workout then you know that you're in Beast Mode. And the result is that you'll get something that's truly transformative. This one doesn't disappoint. Explore your limits. Go beyond them.

Workout 6: X-Factor – Being strong makes you resistant to fatigue and allows you to transfer energy all throughout the body. X- Factor is an cross-body workout that does just that. Crossing over from right to left from top to bottom. It helps your muscles stay toned, for sure, but it also pays attention to movements that your body desperately needs and that is why you should do this as often as you can.

Workout 7: Beat Down – Prepare to be challenged as you never have before, as Brian unleashes his Beat Down Workout, a routine that will leave you completely exhausted! As you fight your way through this punishing 8-exercise circuit of bodyweight exercises, it’s you versus you as you destroy your weakness and replace it with strength. This workout will test you, it will break you too, but it’s going to grow you.

Workout 8: Core Shredder - For those days when you really feel like putting your body through some serious core work, Core Shredder is the workout you gotta do and you'll be glad you did it after it's over. In this bodyweight workout the ab and lower back muscle groups are targeted providing an ever challenging sequence that results in the kind of muscular adaptation response that results in ripped, shredded abs.

So what are you waiting for? Become a Bodyweight Beast today! 

Coach Brian Klepacki, MS, CSCS is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist with a Masters Degree in Exercise Science. 

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