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If you have never used a suspension strap training system before, but always wanted to, then you are in for a real treat with these Easy Suspension Strap Workouts.  These workouts are easy, fun to do and include core exercise movements to help you burn body fat, increase your cardio efficiency, and build lean healthy muscle.  Each of these workouts focuses on specific muscle groups to target, tone, tighten, firm and burn!   

The beauty of suspension straps is that they use your own bodyweight along with gravity to provide a gym worthy workout with ease and adaptability.  By simple adjusting your body angle to modify many of the exercises to make them easier or more challenging.   

If you are ready to get fit and lean, improve balance and coordination, build a stronger core and improve joint flexibility AND have FUN … then let’s go! 

Workout 1: Shape Up, Upper Body Circuit - Unleash the fun-filled challenge of our 5-exercise circuit routine, perfectly suited for both newcomers and experienced enthusiasts in suspension strap training. As each exercise complements the other, you'll sculpt and shape your upper body while building remarkable strength. This quick and easy circuit offers a comprehensive upper body workout that ticks all the boxes for a fulfilling session.

Workout 2: Dangerous Curves Lower Body Workout! - There is nothing sexier than strong, lean, curvy legs and beautifully strong glutes!  This lower body suspension strap workout has all of the best exercises you can get in one awesome program to burn body fat, shape, sculpt and strengthen your lower body.  Say bye-bye flabby and HELLO FABULOUS!

Workout 3: Fit To The Core Circuit Workout - We all want a beautiful midriff but have you also considered just how important core strength is for your overall health and wellness.  A strong core not only protects your spine but also allows you to perform everyday functional movements with reduced risk of injury and pain.  Many of us spending more time sitting these days, our core strength becomes weak and that can affect not just our physical strength but our appearance, on how we carry ourselves, our digestion and respiratory function.  Get “fit to the core” with this super fun, core strengthening circuit!


**This workout program is a digital download, only the suspension straps will be shipped if you chose that option. A download link will be emailed to you following your purchase.**
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