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Welcome to Dance Your Way Fit with Vania Bradway! Get ready for a fitness experience that is going to be the MOST FUN you have ever had burning fat and getting gorgeous.  This series consists of 3 super fun dance inspired workouts, that will not only kick fat loss into high gear, but will tone and tighten you from head to toe revealing sexy curves.  Each of these workouts are such high-energy fun that we know that they will become a staple in your fitness lifestyle.

Workout 1: Tribal Vibes Belly Dance - Exercising has never been sexier! Experience the captivating world of belly dancing and its numerous physical advantages, such as enhanced flexibility, improved balance, strengthened core muscles, and effective calorie burning. Renowned professional belly dancer Vania Bradway presents a dynamic routine, comprising 10 fundamental belly dance movements, ensuring an exhilarating fitness adventure filled with hip-swinging, shimmying enjoyment.

Workout 2: Vegas Legs Barre Essentials - Barre is hot, hot, HOT right now and is it any wonder why?!  Just look at the results women are getting from these workouts. Elevate your fitness routine with Barre, a targeted workout that emphasizes precise, high-repetition movements. Prepare to experience a delightful burn and witness remarkable results as you sculpt your legs with this three-combo routine designed to grant you those coveted Vegas Showgirl legs.

Workout 3: Full Body Cardio Blast - Whether you are new high-energy, dance style workouts or experienced, this cardio blast is like none other!  Get ready to ignite your body's fat-burning potential while indulging in the joyful process with Vania Bradway's specially crafted salsa-inspired workout. Featuring a choreographed routine of 6 steps, this Full Body Cardio Blast workout is the perfect combination you've been seeking for an efficient, fast-paced circuit that obliterates body fat and guarantees an enjoyable fitness experience.

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