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Dumbbell Revolution is a program series designed to build beautiful lean muscle, increase strength and overall allow you to get the results you want from a simple and effective dumbbell workout. Increasing your muscle mass will not only build gorgeous, lean curves but will also increase your metabolism to make you a “fat burning machine!” 

These incredibly “workout friendly” programs require only a set of dumbbells. And best of all … you can do these right in the comfort of your own home!  Each program is easy to follow along with and specifically targets upper, lower and full body, so that you get the greatest benefit from a properly designed program that includes rest days. 

Workout 1:  Unstoppable Upper Body Workout - This workout consists of 4 supersets that will that are super fun and super fat burning.  These upper body focused exercises will not only build excellent upper body strength which will improve posture, breathing, increase your energy and burn excess upper body fat, but will also build sexy lean muscles on your arms, upper back and shoulders.

Workout 2: Strong Foundation Lower Body Workout - This is a tri-set workout that is quick to complete and that results in super awesome, desirable results.  We all want the beach booty, the teardrop quads and curvaceous hammies, but have you ever considered just how important it is to have a  STRONG lower body?!   Not only will a strong lower body look amazing, but these muscle groups impact your overall body strength as they support your core, support a broad range of compound movements and help to reduce your risk of muscular imbalance.

Workout 3: HOT BOD Full Body Workout - This head to toe, muscle building and fat burning workout is simple enough to do right at home with “gym-worthy” results!  This program will take you through 8 exercises that will work every muscle group from head to toe, and that will burn fat and give you the lean curves and sexy strength you deserve from your workout.  Getting toned and lean and strong has never been easier!

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