Low Impact Chair Workout Series - Digital/DVD

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The Low Impact Chair Workout Series is perfect for anyone looking for challenging, low impact workouts designed to not only improve your total body strength and your core strength, but also improve your mobility and balance in a fun, yet challenging series of progressive exercise movements. 

Workout 1: Move Better Mobility Flow - This yoga-flow inspired routine is the ideal way to improve and enhance your balance and mobility, while having some support as you execute every move. This progressive sequence of five movements is designed to gently open up your joints, alleviate muscular tension, and, with consistent practice, enhance your overall mobility and flexibility.

Workout 2: Upper Body Combo - This workout is a series of 7 exercises to build strength and power in your upper body. Systematically increasing in complexity, every exercise within this regimen delivers a satisfying workout that gradually ramps up in intensity. To maximize your experience, be certain to utilize a steady chair placed on a secure, slip-resistant surface.

Workout 3: Lower Body Strength - Whether you are new to chair workouts or experienced, this lower body workout will challenge you as you progress through 7 fun lower body focused exercises that will increase your lower body strength and burn body fat in a low impact and fully supported workout routine. A strong lower body supports an active and healthy lifestyle so let’s do this!

Workout 4: Full Body Tone - A strong body is vital to living an active and healthy life. If you're seeking a solution to enhance full-body strength, especially if you face balance challenges or have recently experienced an injury, this comprehensive chair workout is tailored for you. Comprising a sequence of seven exercises, it's specifically designed to promote full-body toning and robust strengthening.

Workout 5: Core Stabilizer - Whether you are new to chair workouts or experienced, this core stabilizer workout will challenge you as you progress through these 7 exercises that improve core strength.  A strong core encompasses more than just a toned midsection. It fosters excellent posture, supports healthy hips, and enhances overall daily mobility and functional performance.

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