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Med Ball Mayhem is a comprehensive total body strength program using only medicine balls. These 3 routines are designed to stimulate every muscle in the body, and are set up for a Monday - Wednesday - Friday format. Tailored to focus on the legs, upper body, and core muscles, these specialized workouts contribute to the development of a sculpted and well-toned physique.

Workout 1: Full Body Power – This routine hits every muscle in the body and will improve overall strength and conditioning. Utilizing three types of dynamic medicine balls, this workout comprises a circuit of five exercises. You can maximize your results by smoothly transitioning between exercises and taking a 90-second break between circuits, completing a total of three full circuits.

Workout 2: Core Strengthener - This routine targets the midsection. All of the core muscles will be challenged in this workout. Three kinds of medicine balls are used and there are 5 exercises in this workout done in a circuit. Maintain a continuous flow between exercises while allowing a 90-second pause between circuits. To achieve optimal results, aim to complete three circuits.

Workout 3: Legs of Steel - This routine focuses on building strong, powerful legs. A mix of dynamic and stationary lower body exercises in this workout. Engage in a dynamic workout utilizing three types of medicine balls across a circuit of five exercises. Seamlessly transition between movements without breaks, followed by a 90-second rest between circuits. To achieve optimal results, aim to complete three circuits.



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