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The Resistance Band Workout Series is designed to tone, shape, burn unwanted body fat and add sexy lean muscle to make you look and feel amazing!  These seven workouts incorporate full-body movements that leverage the resistance offered by the bands, effectively targeting all areas of your body to deliver the desired results from a resistance band workout.

These workouts are suitable for all fitness levels and anyone who wants to add impact to their workout game plan!  Do you want to look the best youve ever looked?  Do you want to feel the best youve ever felt?  Then what are you waiting for?  Let’s do this! 

Workout 1: All For Your Arms Workout - Strong arms not only look sexy but also add to your total upper body strength, which can help to supports better posture as well as eliminate can eliminate neck and shoulder pain.  The "All For Your Arms" workout comprises seven resistance exercises designed to enhance arm strength and promote lean muscle development, simultaneously helping to reduce excess body fat and unveil beautifully toned and sculpted arms.

Workout 2: Absolute Abs WorkoutWhile great-looking abs are certainly appealing, they also play a crucial role in overall body strength. In this resistance-focused workout, you'll engage your entire core with a series of seven exercises, not only helping you achieve the desired aesthetic appeal but also building significant core strength to support a physically robust and healthier you.

Workout 3: Beautiful Back Workout - If you are ready to do some serious muscle conditioning and toning work to shape your best back, then the Beautiful Back Workout is for you!  This workout, comprised of 7 back focused resistance exercises will target your back muscles and deliver the absolute best results when it comes to building a beautiful physique as well as improving your physical attributes.  Get ready to shape and strengthen! 

Workout 4: Perfect Pecs Workout – This workout is design to help support your upper body strength and add balance and beauty to your physique. Strong pecs will help you to not only move your shoulders in different directions, but will also support strength in performing other upper body movements that allow you to increase your strength and level of fitness.  Strong pecs contribute to excellent posture and will support your upper body stability when performing every day movement and functions. 

Workout 5: Sexy Shoulders Workout - The name says it all!  The Sexy Shoulders Workout is all about burning fat and gaining gorgeous shape and tone to those shouldersStrong shoulders not only look beautiful These 7 resistance exercises will challenge you by focusing on movements that specifically target your upper body muscle groups  for the ULTIMATE in shape and tone results! 

Workout 6: From The Waist Down - Looking for a workout to blast fat?  Then this is exactly what you need!  This workout will not only allow you to build lower body strength, but will turn you into a fat burning machine! These 10 resistance band exercises will blast body fat, and add gorgeous muscle definition and tone to your lower body.   

Workout 7: Complete Body Workout - If you are looking for the ultimate in a full body workout that will burn body fat and build sexy lean muscle tone than you’ve found it right here in the Complete Body Workout. These seven resistance exercises effectively engage every muscle group, ranging from deep layers to the surface, promoting optimal strength, sculpted shape, and muscle tone. This comprehensive workout combines fat-burning benefits with curves, providing an all-encompassing fitness experience.

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