Total Body Balance Trainer Workout Series - Digital/DVD

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The Total Body Balance Trainer Workout Series is a fitness experience unlike any other.  This workout series uses a balance trainer and will not only improve your aerobic fitness and balance, but will also increase your strength as you will be using your own bodyweight as the resistance for all the exercises you will be working through. 

Each of these routines has been specifically designed to target a specific body area, to challenge every muscle group and have you working at a level of intensity that will get you the results you deserve from a workout. 

With just the balance trainer and your own bodyweight, getting toned and lean has never been easier!

Not only are these balance trainer workouts challenging, but they are also fun & simple enough to do right at home.  All you need is a balance trainer and a “let’s do this” attitude, and you will be well on your way to a new fit and shapely you!  So grab that balance trainer and get ready to CRUSH these workouts.

Workout 1: Upper Body Workout - This workout will challenge you as you move through 10 upper body focused exercises that will give you the upper body curves you want from your workout!  

Workout #2: Lower Body Workout - Move through 10 lower body focused exercises that will strengthen and lean out those quads, hamstrings, and lower body stabilizer muscles.

Workout #3: Full Body Workout - These 10 full body focused exercises will burn fat and give you the lean curves and sexy strength you want from your workout! 

Workout #4: Ab Workout - Whether you are new to using a balance trainer or experienced, this workout will challenge you as you move through 10 ab focused exercises that will strengthen and stabilize your core.

Workout #5: Glute Workout - This workout will set your glutes on fire! These 9 glute focused exercises that will help you to achieve the booty you want.

Workout #6: Balance Program - This 2 level program will help to improve your balance and proprioception you as you move through a series of balance focused exercises, with simple, practical and easy challenges.

Balance trainer is not included.
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