Total Body Jump Rope Workout Series - Digital/DVD

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Total Body Jump Rope Workout Series is 4-part jump rope workout that has something for everyone, from beginners to advanced athletes. It is also self-adjusting for better comfort for various individuals. Perfect for doing home gym exercise.

Workout 1: New to Skipping Rope - Hit the ground running with this introductory workout, which provides 3 entry level jump rope circuits including double hops mixed with some basic bodyweight exercises. You will get plenty of rest and repetition in this fun workout.

Workout 2: Fast & Furious Workout – If you’re after some great conditioning, this is the jump rope workout for you! The F&F routine provides 3 heart racing circuits with many variations of skipping rope. Plus, it adds a finisher at the end to put an exclamation on this HIIT style workout.

Workout 3: Total Body Workout – A full body workout that will challenge every muscle from your head to your toes! This routine mixes challenging bodyweight exercises with multiple types of jump rope drills. Be sure to do the pre and post workout stretches to help the entire body perform at its best.

Workout 4: Double Time Workout – For the more advanced athlete, this double time workout raises the bar with some of the most challenging jump rope drills combined with more advanced bodyweight exercises. If you’re looking to improve endurance and stamina while burning fat, this routine is for you!

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