Advanced Neuro Balance Therapy - DVD+Digital

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“Hi - I’m Carrie and after finishing the first program, I felt a huge difference in my ability to walk. My confidence increased along with the strength in my legs and feet. However, I wanted to keep going with my results. I didn’t want to lose all my hard work. And now, I’m back to gardening alone, walking around the neighborhood, and I even took up ZUMBA to get moving again. I’m very grateful for this program. We really need something like this to help those like us. So thank you, Chris.”


Enhance your fall-prevention routine with our advanced Neuro Balance Therapy program, complemented by the expert guidance of Balance and Stability coach, Chris Wilson. Equipped with our inflatable balance disc, you'll engage in a series of targeted exercises, ensuring a seamless progression towards a secure and fall-free future.


**This product includes 1 DVD and 1 Balance Disc (color may vary). You'll also receive the digital version of Advanced Neuro Balance Therapy via email.
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