Barre Body Beautiful Circuit Workout Series - Digital/DVD

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Barre workouts are a hybrid workout program that combines pilates, yoga, ballet and strength exercises to give you the best in fat loss, body sculpting, toning and strength building in a low impact workout. Each workout in the Barre Body Beautiful Circuit Workout Series is set up as a circuit to deliver amazing results and help you to build beautiful lean muscle, increase your metabolism and facilitate weight loss. 

Workout 1: Gorgeous Guns Upper Body Circuit - Whether you are new to barre or experienced, this upper body circuit is one you are going to love. The circuit gives you a great upper body challenge, taking you through 11 upper body focused exercises that will sculpt and tone beautiful arms, shoulders and back muscles.  This workout has all the shaping and toning benefits you could possibly want in an at home workout!

Workout 2: Best Booty Barre Circuit - This lower body circuit is designed to burn fat and build beautiful lean muscle, while providing extra focus on your booty.  These 7 simple bodyweight exercises in this circuit target your glutes, thighs, quads and calves to firm and tighten all the right spots for the lean and chiseled body of your dreams.

Workout 3: Ab Zone Circuit - This circuit is designed to amp up your fat burning and build amazing core strength for outstanding abs.  The 7 exercises in this circuit target the lower, side and upper abdominals to whittle your waist and burn off that muffin top!   If you think that barre is all about legs and has no benefits to sculpt strong and beautiful  abs, think again. 

Workout 4: Sculpt, Firm and Sweat Full Body Circuit - You are going to love this full body circuit.  No matter what your level of barre experience is, this circuit has all the full body fat burning, muscle sculpting, tightening and toning benefits you could ever hope for.  The combination of exercises in this full body circuit is designed to increase your metabolism, improve your strength and mobility and ultimately give you a beautiful lean, strong, sculpted body.  So grab your yoga mat, a chair and some light dumbbells and let’s get started!

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