Cardio Fat Shred - Tabata Workout Series - Digital/DVD

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Cardio Fat Shred is designed to get your heart pumping, your muscles firing and your fat melting away. A Tabata workout is simply an exercise method utilized by instructors where the same movement(s) are performed over and over with limited rest periods. This approach is fantastic at improving both conditioning and strength while also helping to kickstart fat loss. It’s time to let coach Barb guide you through 4 amazing workouts!

Workout 1: Single Side Upper Body CRUSH – This workout targets one side of the upper body at a time placing greater demand on your core and stabilizing muscles. Using some dumbbells, you will work through 9 exercises in a 40/10 work to rest ratio and totally CRUSH your upper body.

Workout 2: Single Side Lower Body BURN – Step into a leg-focused workout that stimulates each side of your lower body individually, effectively challenging your core and leg stabilizing muscles; armed with dumbbells, you'll conquer 9 exercises within a 40/10 work-to-rest ratio, igniting an intense burn and leaving your lower body utterly exhausted.

Workout 3: Power Core Ab Workout – Time to hit those abs. This workout targets the center of the body and will help to strengthen and flatten your mid-section. Amplify the strength and power of your abdominal muscles as you embark on a dynamic journey through 7 invigorating exercises, utilizing solely your bodyweight and a single dumbbell, all within a revitalizing 30/15 work-to-rest ratio.

Workout 4: MAX Effort Total Body Workout – Unleash the ultimate full-body workout that encompasses every muscle group from head to toe, taking your fitness journey to new heights with its unparalleled intensity; combining bodyweight and dumbbell exercises, you'll conquer 5 rigorous movements within a 60/15 work-to-rest ratio, pushing your limits and unleashing your maximum effort—let's kickstart this epic fitness party!


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