Calisthenics Boot Camp Workout Series - Digital/DVD

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The Calisthenics Boot Camp Series brings a fitness experience unlike any other.  If you still think military obstacle course when you hear calisthenics, then think again! This series of bodyweight only exercises will improve your aerobic fitness level, increase your overall strength as well as help you to build lean muscle and that means you will BURN BODY FAT!  You ready?  Let’s GO!

Workout 1: Boot Camp Mobility Flex & Flow - This routine will get your body ready and primed for the ultimate workout experience. The 9 movements that make up this routine are specifically designed to get your body warmed up and ready to CRUSH all of our boot camp workouts!

Workout 2: Upper Body Shape & Tone - Whether you are new to calisthenics or experienced, this upper body workout will challenge you as you progress through 10 upper body focused exercises using only your body weight.  If you think that calisthenics is all cardio and has no muscle building benefits, think again. This workout has all the shaping and toning benefits!

Workout 3: Lower Body Strong - This workout will challenge you as you progress through 10 lower body-focused exercises, using only your body weight that will burn fat and give you the lean curves and sexy strength you want from your workout!  Shapely thighs and a round booty will be your reward!

Workout 4: Full Body Sculpt - Experience a total body transformation with our invigorating workout regimen comprising 10 dynamic exercises that exclusively utilize your body weight. Embrace the thrill of shedding fat, achieving sculpted curves, and unlocking your inner strength, as you embark on a fitness journey that effortlessly delivers the toned and lean physique you've always desired.

Workout 5: Core Strength - These 10 core focused exercises using only your body weight will help to shed unwanted belly fat, build a super strong core and give you that lean and sexy 6-pack you want from your core program. Get ready to shred!

Workout 6: Cardio Burn - Prepare for the ultimate high-intensity cardio burn with our meticulously crafted circuit featuring 10 power-packed exercises. Say goodbye to the stubborn body fat you've been relentlessly battling as this fast and effective fat-burning workout becomes your victorious weapon of choice, bringing an end to the struggle and leaving you with the exhilarating results you've long desired.

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