Easy Yoga Flow for Beginners - Digital/DVD

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Easy Yoga Flow for Beginners is a series of 4 amazing yoga flows specifically designed with the beginner Yogi in mind.  If you have ever wanted to try yoga, but just never felt confident in your ability, then these flows were made for you.

While each flow is specifically designed to address a unique element in your yoga practice, by practicing each of these flows on a regular basis you will find that you feel more balanced, more energized, have greater energy and mobility and less overall aches and pains. These flows will also help to get your spine into better alignment which will support the optimal functioning of all your body’s systems.

Flow #1: Recenter - Immerse yourself in a purposeful and effortless yoga session, where each movement within this flow is thoughtfully curated to center your body and mind. Embrace a profound sense of openness, centeredness, and tranquility as you gracefully navigate through this accessible and intentional routine.

Flow #2: Energy Balance -  Combat the weariness of long workdays and the demands of adult life with our Energy Balance Flow, meticulously crafted to rejuvenate your energy and vitality. This sequence of movements not only enhances posture and breath but also targets stiffness and tightness, restoring flexibility and mobility to invigorate your daily movements.

Flow #3: Quiet Strength - If you are new to yoga and not sure how it can be used to build greater strength, then you are going to love this routine! The gentle movements in this flow are a progression of movements, that will help to increase your strength by using only your body weight.  The intentional focus of moving from one pose to the next an holding your body paused in each pose, will quickly have you feeling stronger and more confident in only a few sessions.

Flow #4: Mindful Warrior - This yoga flow focuses on the power of your breath, developing a stronger core, correcting your posture, and increasing a more balanced strength from head to toe.  Moving through this flow you will feel more focused as well as more grounded and centered in your day!

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