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Healthy Shoulders is a therapeutic approach to building strong, pain free shoulders. This series can be done with bodyweight and either household items or small dumbbells.

Routine 1: Shoulder Stretch – Unlock improved shoulder mobility with our seated bodyweight routine featuring 10 exercises. Each exercise is executed for 1 minute, allocating 30 seconds per side or 60 seconds for both, culminating in a 10-minute session that fosters a robust range of motion for your shoulders.

Routine 2: Shoulder Stability & Mobility – Experience the convenience of seated and standing positions through 10 engaging exercises, each lasting 1 minute, alternating between 30 seconds per side or 60 seconds for both. In just 10 minutes, this routine employs isometric contractions and gentle resistance to guide your shoulders through various ranges of motion, fostering flexibility and strength.

Routine 3: Shoulder Strength – This routine has 10 exercises all done from a seated position with and without resistance. Either soup cans or 1-2 lb. dumbbells are recommended for this routine. Each exercise is performed for 45 secs with 15 secs of rest. This routine takes 10 minutes to perform and helps to strengthen the shoulders in all planes of motion.

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