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Every year, 2.8 million people fall. Every year, 800,000 of these men and women end up in the hospital from these falls. And every year, 28,000 die from them.

Despite what you might’ve been led to believe, the real cause of trips and falls has nothing to do with getting older or slowing down. Instead, it all comes down to one thing…A sleeping nerve in your foot that's responsible for over 97% of trips and falls in those over 60.

This complete balance-strengthening protocol DVD series was created to help prevent and prepare your body for out of the blue trips and falls. With Neuro-Balance Therapy you’ll revive your body’s natural ability to move around feeling strong, stable and balanced with each step.

It all starts with the wildly simple 10-second ritual using this weird looking rubber ball every morning before starting your day.

This life-saving protocol steeped in real-world results and groundbreaking research has been combined in one to get you back up and skipping around like you were years younger without the fear of falling haunting your every step.

Don't waste anymore time living in fear of falling, get your copy of Neuro-Balance Therapy today!

This package comes with a DVD and 1 Spike Ball (color may vary).
You'll also receive the digital version of Neuro Balance Therapy via email,
which includes 2 free bonuses: 

Bonus #1: The Top 20 Tips To Fall-Proof Your Home
Bonus #2: Workouts & Exercise Guide / Handbook (digital PDF)
60 Day Money Back Guarantee