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If you are looking to put fun back in to your workouts while still challenging yourself, then Step It Up is absolutely for you. These workouts incorporate your body weight and guide you through several strength building, muscle toning, curve accentuating, fat burning workouts that will help you step your way to the fabulously fit body you want.

Step inspired workouts provide an abundance of benefits for your overall health and fitness level.  Step workouts are an excellent way to improve your cardiovascular health using low impact exercises for maximum benefits.  Step workouts support and improve musculoskeletal health, will increase leg strength, will support an efficient metabolic rate which means FAT LOSS and they are FUN to do so let’s DO THIS!

Workout 1: Step & Stretch - We all know that stretching pre and post workout is vital to not only getting the greatest benefit from your workout, but also to help reduce the risk of injury. This yoga-inspired stretching routine is a valuable addition pre or post workout on any of your regular training days. It is also an EXCELLENT stand alone routine to support range of motion in your joints and keep your body limber, loose and feeling awake.

Workout 2: Upper Body Blitz - Get ready to have the most fun you have ever had in working your upper body to reveal the most beautiful, toned muscles you expect from a great upper body workout as well as build some super upper body strength.  Be prepared for the most amazing upper body workout you’ve ever done.

Workout 3: Leg & Booty Burn - We all want an enviable booty, but have you ever considered just how important it is to have STRONG glutes?!   Not only will strong glutes look amazing, but this muscle group impacts your overall body strength as they support your core, support a broad range of compound movements and help to reduce your risk of muscular imbalance.  Yeah ROCK THE GLUTES!  It’s much the same when it comes to legs . . . yes you want those gorgeous, shapely thigh but you also want your legs to be strong because hey, they carry us around every here we go.  This leg & booty burn workout will give you both -  strong AND gorgeous glutes and legs! 

Workout 4: Full Body Burner - Sometimes you just want an AWESOME full body workout that hits everything and leaves you feeling wonderfully spent!  This full body step workout is a combination of strength and cardio exercises that will accelerate fat burning and get you lean and ripped.  As you work through this series of exercises you will experience a phenomenal cardio workout as well as tone and shape and strengthen you from head to toe.

Workout 5: Core Challenge - Having a great core is so much more than just having a 6-pack.  Every breath, every movement you do uses your core.  The stronger your core, the stronger you are overall.  Core exercises are a MUST in any fitness program and the exercises in this workout are designed to help you build a strong and flexible core to support you in all the activity you do.  Not only that, but a strong core supports excellent posture which greatly reduces neck and back pain.

Workout 6: Step & Sweat -  If you are looking for the ultimate cardio workout that is FUN and sheds body fat THIS IS IT!  Whether you are new to step workouts or have lots of experience you will love this workout.  These exercises will give you an excellent full body workout that is not only the BEST fat burning workout you can do, but also helps build lean, sexy muscle tone and building superior muscle strength. 

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